Розвиваюча іграшка Набір Будівельник Максі 51д. А319 Komarovtoys
Building set Builder Maxi 51p. A319
Розвиваюча іграшка Рамка вкладиш Геометричні фігури 5. A326 Komarovtoys
Frame puzzle Geometric figures 5. A326


Toy – puzzle “Tangram” develops imagination, fine motor skills, coordination, eye, perseverance, concentration, trains analysis. Helps to learn colors. With this mosaic, a child can fantasize by constructing various images. Mosaic is equipped with a catalog with examples of various options for collecting images.

The first mention of this toy in the Chinese book dates back to 1813. With the help of seven figures you can stack different contours of a person, animal, numbers, letters, other objects. The main condition is to use all seven parts of tangram. Material – painted wood.

SIZE: 16x16x15cm. For children from 3 years old.

Made in Ukraine. The reliable and strong toy will serve for many years to the child.